Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I seal concrete, stucco, pavers or brick?

These surfaces can all benefit from the protection of a waterproof penetrating sealer. Surfaces that repel water are less likely to grow mold or mildew and are easier to clean. The sealer extends the life of the surface.

Can I seal older surfaces?

Yes, we take steps starting with cleaning and power washing. This is done previous to applying the sealer.

Does sealer remove stains?

No, unfortunately sealer does not remove stains. It’s not a cleaner.

How long will the sealer bead up?

Beading on any surfaces depends on its wear pattern and use.  Beading approximately lasts up to 6 months on a heavily used surfaces. Longer for minimal use or vertical surfaces. If that is a feature you like we are able to discuss coming back for a light mist to bring back the effect for a discounted rate.

Can sealer be used to repair cracks?

No, Sealers are intended as a sealing product and not made for patching or filling cracks.